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I started working with Nicholas less than a year ago, and he

has changed my overall happiness, and its been a great experience. 

I highly recommend being trained by him.


-Robin H. Los Angeles, CA





I started training with Nick regularly in April and plan on continuing indefinitely. I noticed results fairly quickly. Nick is kind, professional, and passionate about what he does. He's very good at introducing a new exercise or two each session so the workouts are never monotonous or dull. Nick strikes a perfect balance between pushing his clients to put in a good workout without over-exerting to the point of exhaustion. I was impressed by how Nick takes a genuine interest in his clients and not only trains them in the gym, but also encourages them to start tracking food and diet and provides suggestions on what and how much to eat to achieve the end results.

-Michael P. Alhambra, CA





I highly recommend Nick as a trainer. He puts a great deal of thought and planning into his clients' long-term fitness goals. He challenges me each time we meet for a workout. He is also extremely knowledgable with nutrition advice, which has helped me tremendously in achieving the results I want. Nick is both kind and encouraging to his clients, and empowers them to take charge of their own wellbeing.


-Jeff B. West Hollywood, CA




I enjoy my workout sessions with Nick. He is helpful with keeping me on track and maintaining proper form. Nick changes up the routine regularly so I am always challenged and I like the use of positive reinforcement. Other trainers can be excessive or punishing if you don't meet their standards, which is something I have never liked in a trainer.


-Andrew D. Alhambra, CA




To be honest, I was never the kind of person who enjoyed intense physical work outs. I stayed relatively healthy by walking regularly, doing yoga occasionally, eating and drinking moderately, and not smoking. The only reason I tried personal training is because I became good friends with a personal trainer who raved about how much she enjoyed what she did. When she got a job managing a gym, she entrusted me to Nick and I’m so glad she did!


Nick is an incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable, and fun trainer. While working one-on-one with him, he really listens (and helps you listen) to what’s going on with your body. He encourages you tackle appropriate challenges and is affirming of incremental change. Nick also views his work as more than just what happens in the moment in the training session. I’ve been inspired by him to make changes in the way I eat and to see patterns in my life. I really enjoy that Nick continues to study up on health related issues and suggests new ideas for me to try. It’s obvious that health is a lifestyle for him. And training with him is always fun (and replete with pop culture references) – which makes it a lot easier to keep doing something which is making such a big difference in my busy life.


-Monica C. Silverlake, CA





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