Older and hopefully wiser

October 24, 2018

I thought I’d make a list of 39 things that have been extremely helpful personally and professionally.  It’s my birthday today, and it’s one for each year.  It’s not in any particular order.  Some of this may sound like greeting cards you’ve heard before, but it’s my birthday and my list!



  1. Sometimes it’s not about how much you know and are able to apply to coaching, but how you make people feel.  Don’t forget to be really good at what you do because that’s important too.

  2. When I started out I felt like I knew it all.  The more I study and learn, the more I realize I need to learn.

  3. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”

  4. It’s ok to admit to being tired or sad.  

  5. You’re only as good as the company you keep.

  6. Be true to who you are.

  7. The real work takes time. You may not see it every day, but if you are consistent it pays off.

  8. What you always thought was a weakness can become your strength.

  9. Always try to get better at your craft, no matter what that may be. 

  10. Apply critical thinking to anything in life, whether it’s a study or some news. What’s the source?  Is it credible?  If it’s a study, is it reproducible?  One study doesn’t mean much in science, so beware of a new single study claiming something.

  11. Always be on time. I can honestly say that I’m almost never late to work appointments.  Traffic in this part of the world is brutal. Being on time demonstrates respect to others and their time.

  12. Take responsibility for your actions.

  13. If someone else wishes to be addressed a certain way, address them as such.  It’s not going to hurt you.

  14. Additionally, treat others the way you would wish to be treated.

  15. Maybe you can’t still train like you did in your 20s, and your body can’t take a beating like it use to, so you have to be smarter about your training.  

  16. I’ve often felt like my story doesn’t matter.  It does.  Someone out there can benefit from you telling your story.  Even if it’s one person it still matters.

  17. It’s never too late to change careers.

  18. Show up.  Do your best.  Your best may look different from day to day, but if you put in your best effort it will pay off.

  19. Consistency is best.  Get in and get it done.  No matter what it is.  This is true for so many things, whether it’s workouts, meditation, journaling or going for walks.  What matters is doing what you can regularly.  The benefits will come in time.  These are not quick fixes, but each of these things make a big difference over time.

  20. Celebrate the small victories.    

  21. Step back and reassess.  Feel like you’re stagnant? Maybe you’re making more progress than you realize. The opposite can also be true.  You can also not be making the progress  you want, which is why it’s good to keep records, such as pictures and measurements so you can have evidence. 

  22. Stop comparing yourself to others.

  23. You will always have a unique perspective.  No one else is you.  Remember that.  

  24. Your experiences can help others.

  25. My struggles are not a handicap.  Sure, some things have been more challenging in life, but it’s made me stronger and who I am today.

  26. You can change your mind.

  27. Discomfort when doing new things is normal. 

  28. Don’t dwell on the past

  29. Wear sunscreen daily.  

  30. Have integrity in your work.

  31. Credit others for their work when you use it.  It’s not that hard to acknowledge the source of your work.  

  32. Be open to criticism.  Not always an easy one for me, but it’s how we grow and improve.

  33. Don’t judge others.  You don’t know what they’re dealing with right now. 

  34. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed.  I am really trying to ease into this one.  

  35. Make lists. 

  36. Go easy on yourself.  Forgive yourself.  You know you need to learn to do this if you find yourself being more critical of yourself than others.

  37. Try to find joy in small things.

  38. Donate to charities when you can.  Small amounts make a difference.

  39. Donate time if you can’t donate money.    



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