Want stronger, better-looking glutes?

June 28, 2018

Have you performed glute exercises regularly with hopes of strengthening and growing your backside?  To strengthen the glutes we need to focus on the movements they do best in a controlled manner without jumping or unstable movement.  



This is a detailed workout specialization program intended for those who have tried to do workouts that promise better glutes but haven’t delivered.  Through this program you will be focusing on quality and mindful movement to strengthen the glutes without the low back pain.  There is no complicated barbell hip thrust set-up for this program. You’ll need to purchase some bands (linked in the PDF) if you do not already have them.  You will need access to a gym with barbells and benches to perform the exercises, but for the most part there are minimal weights for this particular program


The problems I’ve run into with other programs is that they do not focus on feeling the glutes work, or the bracing and breathing necessary to facilitate the movement.  Yeah, we can hoist around a bunch of weight, but will that hit the muscles you’re targeting in a safe manner?  We can also do a lot of erratic movement and get sweaty, but will that allow you to feel the muscles of the glutes performing the movement that they are best at doing?  


This program includes movement for glutes in different planes since the glutes are capable of pelvic posterior tilt, hip abduction, hip external rotation and hip extension.  The glutes are also a synergist along with the abdominal muscles for lumbopelvic stabilization.  If you’re bored already with these descriptions of everything the glutes can do, that’s ok. All the movements are covered in the program.  We will also focus on mindful extension and flexion of the spine, as well as some anterior core work.


The download is free and contains very detailed information on how to complete the exercises, as well as modifications to each one depending on your ability level, from beginner onward.  Click the picture below to sign up for the free download.  If you have any questions, shoot an email my way. 



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